Rusty Raccoon

Rusty is one of the newest campers at Camp Awesome. Sometimes he gets a little nervous and needs a bit of encouragement from his friends to try new things, but he loves to have fun and Terry can always crack him up.


Terry is an easy-going fox, quick to make a friend and even quicker to have them laughing. He can certainly be a little clumsy sometimes, but in those moments he's perfectly comfortable laughing at himself too!


Poppy loves being outdoors and is all about enjoying new experiences. She is brave and doesn't worry if she's going to make a mistake or two learning a new game or a skill - she just doesn't want to miss out on a single thing!


Ollie Turtle is thoughtful and asks a lot of questions, because he loves to figure out how things work. Ollie will often join in on the fun, but he's quite content to be off on his own alone sometimes. He is an excellent swimmer and not too bad a dancer either! He's happy to let his friend Poppy be the brave one.


Ruby has never been in a rush in her life! She's so relaxed that her easy-going nature helps those around her learn not to take things too seriously sometimes. She's not fussy and doesn't need to be the centre of attention, she's just happy to be, well, exactly where she always is!


Don't let his thorny exterior fool you; Percy is a sensitive and caring friend who loves helping others whenever he can. He may not be a natural athlete, but he doesn't let that stop him from trying his best at everything he does. Percy likes to be out in a canoe to catch the sunset whenever he can.


Andy is the counselor for Cabin 4. He is a talented guitarist and is happiest when he's making music and leading the campers in a singalong around the campfire. He also gets a kick out of seeing how the campers react when he tells one of his many spooky ghost stories!


Sydney is the counselor in charge of Cabin 6. He loves to make music with Andy around the campfire and his big squirrel cheeks have helped him become a terrific harmonica player! Sometimes they can still be heard playing tunes down by the lake after Lights Out.


Sandy is the resident Life Guard at Camp Awesome. His job is to make sure that all the campers are safe whenever they are in or near the lake. He always likes to make sure the campfire gets put out properly at the end of each night, and he helps Penny organize day trips and outings for the campers.


If there's ever a contest or competition, you can bet Zoe has her eyes on the prize. She loves sports and aims to be the best at everything she tries. She's quick on her feet and quick witted, too! She is a ball of energy during the day, and always the first to fall asleep at night.


What can we say about Chuckie? He's a bit of a troublemaker. He loves playing sports just like Zoe, but he's very messy and a bit of a klutz! You never really know what he's going to get himself into next, but he always means well. He certainly keeps the gang entertained, and the camp counselors busy!


Sassy has a habit of making mischief. She is always planning ahead to her next prank because she loves to get a laugh out of her fellow campers, even if sometimes it can get her into trouble. Sassy's close friends are very important to her, and she is always very neat and tidy in everything she does.


Maudie is an honourary camper at Camp Awesome. She was fluttering around the neighbourhood when Rusty was  first boarding the bus to camp, and she decided to tag along! She's quiet, but likes to be wherever the fun is. If you look closely you're bound to see her somewhere nearby.


Gord is the bus driver and caretaker at Camp Awesome. He's always bustling around the camp making repairs and keeping all the buildings and property in tip-top shape. He takes a lot of pride in his work and loves the look of a fresh coat of paint! He has met many generations of campers over his long career.


Linda is the camp cook and keeps all the staff and campers well fed with her delicious recipes and famous fresh baked bread. She can often be heard singing along with the radio in the kitchen and she loves to teach campers how to cook and how they can help out at dinnertime.


Jane is the leader of Camp Awesome. She makes sure that everything is running smoothly around the camp and that all of the campers are having a safe and fun experience. She is very proud of the counselors and staff she has hired and loves how her job lets her enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes she chops wood just for fun!

Penny LYNX

Coach Penny is in charge of organizing all the fitness activities, sports, games and recreation at the camp. She loves leading hiking adventures through the woods, and enjoys seeing campers having fun outside while being active. Every once in a while she'll join in with her fiddle at the campfire singalong too!


Well.... hmm. Honestly, we're not really sure who this is. Where did this photo come from? We've certainly never seen this chap before, sorry, there's been some kind of mix-up.